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The Academy of Mediumship (TAoM) 
- Monthly Membership -
ONLY £38 per month

Are you looking for support, coaching, and guidance
on your Spiritual journey?

Are you looking for support, coaching, and guidance on your Spiritual journey?

The Academy of Mediumship is the perfect fit! With an affordable monthly membership available to anyone over 18 years old, this online or in-person group will provide the resources needed to help individuals develop their natural psychic and mediumship abilities.

Whether this is used as a professional or personal development tool in one's life, members benefit from support, coaching, and guidance within a safe circle of like-minded people that nurtures the natural abilities of mediums and psychics alike.

The Academy of Mediumship is working hard at raising professional standards while also helping you grow your own gifts ethically with wisdom and integrity!


  • A safe and respectful space to ask questions, seek advice and support, without judgment. 

  • Connection with a Spiritual community of like-minded people.

  • Develop your psychic and mediumistic skills, tools and knowledge.

  • Increase the trust of yourself and others. 

  • Learn about energy and how to use this in your daily life.

  • Increased sense of purpose and meaning.

  • Learn how to receive and read messages and guidance for yourself and others.

  • Communicate and meet your Spiritual guides and loved ones.

  • Learn to connect/re-connect with your higher self. 

  • Helps bring inspiration and appreciation into daily living.

  • Learn how to “let go” of the past, to experience inner peace. 

  • Development of inner strength and confidence. 

  • Become more courageous to stretch beyond your comfort zone and enhance your development.

  • Develop a positive mindset.

  • Increased focus and clarity.

Plus, so much more!


Weekly 90min Online or In-person
Spiritual Development Circle

Each week you have access to a 1.5hr online spiritual development training session, either online or in-person.

You get to choose on a month-by-month basis whether you attend online or in person.

These sessions are in a safe, interactive & group environment.


Online Sessions

Online sessions are held every Thursday evening via Zoom at 19:30. Doors open at 19:20 for a prompt 19:30 start.

In-Person Sessions

Doors open at 19:20 for a prompt 19:30 start.


In-person sessions are currently held in the following locations:-


  • Churchdown Community Centre, Churchdown (starting 12th September 2023)



  • The Wesley, Belle Vue Road, Cinderford

Spiritual Development Foundation Content

Within the online portal, you can access videos, audios, and PDFs to help you understand and learn the foundations required when working with the Spirit World.

Masterclasses (Video & Workbook)

This online members portal consists of 28+ videos and workbooks to provide you with constant and continued learning and development every month.

24/7 Access to Guided Meditations

Whether you feel the need to just relax, heal your inner child, connect with your guides, set an intention, ground, cleanse and protect or sleep then there is a meditation just for you!

Online Spiritual Drop-In session

On the first Tuesday of every month, I go LIVE on Zoom to answer any questions you may have. These sessions are perfect to get the extra support, coaching, mentoring, or advice you need in your life and your spiritual journey.

Remember, your question may also be universal to others so they may be thinking the same question too. Everybody will learn from each other's questions!

This session takes place on Zoom at 19:30 and is available for both online or in-person members to attend.

Monthly LIVE Card/Mediumship Readings

On the second Tuesday of every month a member(s) of the group will go LIVE on Zoom to give mini-readings to the members who are present on the call and to whom they feel drawn to.

This session takes place on Zoom at 19:30 and is available for both online or in-person members to attend.

6 month Personalised Spiritual Development Written Report

Every six months each individual who regularly attends the Spiritual development sessions will receive a Spiritual development written report to help them with their Spiritual development.

Spiritual Development Continued Development Reward Programme (SPCDRW)

Similar to CPD but purely for Spiritual Developement (psychic/mediumistic). This reward programme will provide you with a certificate for attending 50hrs, 100hrs, 150hrs and so on of live training. 

Monthly Goal Setting

A monthly Facebook post is aimed to help you gain focus, clarity, and accountability for each upcoming month, helping you to reach your goals.

Weekly Accountability

Weekly 'Celebrate Your Wins' and 'Share Your Goals' post for that extra accountability to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Exclusive Facebook Community

Access to an exclusive, powerful, high-energy Facebook community full of like-minded people supporting each other on their own personal development journey.

Resources & Tools

A selection of additional resources and tools aimed to further support and enhance your learning and development both in your life and on your Spiritual development journey.

Guest Speakers

From time to time, I invite guest speakers into the group to talk about specialist subjects within their specialised field.

***New Content***

New content (videos, workbooks, worksheets, meditations, resources, tools etc) is added regularly to the member's online portal. Allowing you to constantly grow and evolve.

10% Discount Off

Members are entitled to claim an extra 10% off any Workshops, Courses or Classes run by 'The Academy of Mediumship'


Those who have already experienced these sessions have commented that it has helped them feel more relaxed, develop a deeper awareness and understanding of themselves and others, increased their self-confidence, trust, and the ability to meet their Guardian Angel, Guides and communicating with the Spirit World has been an enlightening and uplifting experience. 

Such a friendly, welcoming group. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging of each other. There is no such thing as getting it wrong when you are part of this group it’s all learning together. 


- Danielle

Lovely group. Learnt loads, although all at different stages of our journey we are all treated the same and encouraged to be the best we can be!


- Sarah M

I am so glad I found this group. I am learning all the time on my spiritual journey and I am learning with a friendly, supportive group of people. Chris is a great mentor and is very encouraging. There hasn't been a question yet that he couldn't answer and the website is full of excellent support material! We are all at different stages and do things in different ways but there is no right or wrong and I always feel supported. Chris also listens to what the tribe want and need and he is always there to support us. I am proud to be part of such a lovely group of people xx


- Susan

I first met Chris in the transformation tribe free party, listening to and working with him meant I couldnt wait to sign up to the tribe! Chris and the other members are really lovely, the things the group can offer are endless- let alone the access to meditations as part of my membership... genuinely thrilled to be able to offer my voice to rave about the group.

I can also recommend his other services such as forgiveness meditation I had privately, he cleansed my house of a spirit, card readings, mediumship and I've also had 1:1 sessions. This man is so incredibly talented when it comes to spiritual wellbeing and mindset support.

- Chris Watkins

Joined Chris following a free spiritual development session. I have found him amiable, patient, answers questions clearly and concisely, managing well the various levels of development of the friendly group members.

Thank you Chris

- Lyn Turner

Hi Chris,


I’m finding the hub fantastic, there is so much information available.  I am so happy in fact that I have said to my friend to join us on Thursday as I’m sure she will love it too.


Many thanks


- Sarah

I joined this group thinking I had no ability just a genuine interest in all things spiritual. I was apprehensive joining and didn't know what to expect but have found Chris and all the group members friendly, patient and welcoming. Each week I am learning new things and my knowledge and confidence is growing. The online reading and meditations are useful and good for background information. This group was something I had been searching out for a while and I believe the opportunity was sent my way by those who knew I needed it 

- Tracey

I am new to the group and feel I have met like minded people who made me feel at home as I was really nervous. The website has loads of information and you can get a catch up on classes if you miss any. Lovely group to be part of. Xx

- Carol

Chris is a wonderful mentor and now friend. In my time in this group I feel every meeting adds to my knowledge and understanding.

It is an honour to be part of such a supportive and friendly group.

As far as asking questions, Chris says there is never a silly question and if you’ve thought of something you want to know about, ASK, you will probably find others were thinking similar things.

His website is full of fantastic material aswell, from meditations to masterclasses, or looking back over sessions we’ve done or missed.

I’ve found my spiritual home within this group.

Chris and the group are all so friendly and supportive of each other.

- Sarah S

I have been in the transformation tribe for 3 months and I really can not express how it has completely changed my life. I am so much more positive in my self, everyone in the transformation tribe is so supportive I love being held accountable for my goals this make me do the things I want to do (or don’t really want to do) this group has been like a second family to me. I have learnt so much from vibrating my energies out to keeping them more pulled in, which was so important to me. Once you are in the tribe group you have access to countless amounts of meditation & masterclasses which you can do at your own pace. Also monthly lives sessions with Chris and much more. I will never look back.

I would 100% recommend Chris and his Tribe. It was the best thing I have done.

Come and join us. We really look forward to meeting you.

- Jade Williams

The first day I joined the group, I immediately felt part of the tribe. Chris goes above and beyond to help and guide you. Very informative information for tribe members to look at, anytime they want to and as many times you need to.

No matter how far advanced or a beginner you are, you are treated the same. Every tribe member has the patience, consideration for any new member joining the tribe. So glad to be part of the tribe. 


- Angie


      At the Academy of Mediumship, we are keen to ensure that those who join our sessions will bring the right kind of energy and be a good fit for all involved.


To do this, we provide an opportunity for prospective students to book a call/interview where they can learn more about the Academy of Mediumship, and decide whether it is something suitable for them.


If after the call I feel like there is mutual alignment then upon acceptance, you will receive a 'Congratulations you've been accepted' email, where you are then able to enrol via the link provided.

This is part of our approach to ensuring only those with genuine interest and commitment join us on this fantastic journey into exploring and harnessing spiritual energies!

So, if you like what you have read so far, please click the link below, and select the 'TAoM - Becoming A Student Call' from the list of services available.

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