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The Academy of Mediumship (TAoM) 

Are you seeking support, coaching, and guidance on your journey through psychic and mediumship development, as well as your spiritual path?

Embark on a transformative journey with The Academy of Mediumship (TAoM), where we are not only dedicated to personal and spiritual growth but also deeply committed to raising the professional standards within the psychic and mediumship industry.

For an affordable monthly fee of £38, we warmly welcome individuals aged 18 and above, from those just beginning their journey to those deeply experienced in the field, to become part of our supportive community.

At TAoM, our mission is to foster both personal and professional spiritual growth, standing as a pillar of enlightenment, education, and ethical advancement in spiritual disciplines, accessible through both online and in-person formats.

Our weekly Spiritual development circles are meticulously crafted to enhance psychic and mediumship development, guiding participants through a journey of deepening their intuitive abilities, understanding the ethical implications of their practice, and mastering the art of connecting with the spiritual realm in a meaningful and responsible manner.

Importantly, we are committed to elevating the standards in the psychic and mediumship arenas, focusing on the ethical refinement of talents and practices to ensure a responsible and respected practice.


Weekly Spiritual Development Circles

At the core of our membership are the Weekly Spiritual Development Circles, meticulously crafted to offer continuous learning, practice, and community support. These circles serve as the heartbeat of our academy, providing a structured yet flexible environment where members can deepen their understanding, refine their skills, and experience the power of collective energy and insight weekly.

All-Inclusive Support

From beginners to advanced practitioners, our programme is structured to provide tailored support, fostering an environment where everyone’s spiritual journey is honoured and nurtured.

Diverse Spiritual Community

Become part of a vibrant collective of like-minded individuals, all committed to their personal development and the advancement of spiritual practices.

Holistic Development

A comprehensive approach to growth, empowering you to build trust in your abilities, enhance your connection with the spiritual realm, and integrate these practices into your daily life for enriched experiences.

Energy Mastery and Spiritual Guidance

Delve deep into the art of energy work and cultivate meaningful relationships with your spiritual guides, enhancing the depth and breadth of your spiritual practice.

Empowerment Through Integrated Monthly and Weekly Engagement

Our tailored programme blends a live monthly Zoom session with continuous weekly community interaction to comprehensively support your journey in spiritual, personal, and professional realms. At the close of each month, we gather together online for a session focused on goal setting and reflective coaching, allowing you to set forth your aspirations and reflect on the achievements and lessons of the preceding month. This live interaction is pivotal for aligning your spiritual practice with your personal and professional goals, creating a robust foundation for actionable progress.

Building on the insights and intentions set during the Zoom call, our weekly "Celebrate Your Wins" and "Share Your Goals" posts on Facebook serve as ongoing touchpoints. These weekly engagements ensure you remain focused and accountable, encouraging a cycle of setting goals, celebrating achievements, and reflecting on growth, all within the nurturing environment of our community. This cohesive strategy marries the depth of monthly planning and reflection with the consistency of weekly motivation, crafting a dynamic support system that propels you towards realising your full potential in every aspect of your life.

Spiritual Development Recognition with a Personalised Approach

Our commitment is to acknowledge and honour your spiritual advancement. Our Spiritual Development Continued Development Reward Programme (SPCDRW) mirrors the concept of traditional CPD, yet is tailored exclusively for the realm of spiritual development, including psychic and mediumistic disciplines. This distinguished reward system is designed to celebrate your dedication and progress by awarding certificates for significant milestones, such as completing 50, 100, 150 hours, and beyond, of in-person or online weekly development training. Through this programme, we aim to provide you with meaningful recognition of your efforts, offering tangible milestones that reflect your journey of spiritual growth, while also highlighting areas for continued exploration and enhancement.

Elevation of Professional Standards

As part of our commitment to excellence, TAoM actively contributes to uplifting the ethical and professional benchmarks in the spiritual industry, ensuring that our members are not only advancing personally but are also at the forefront of industry practices.


The transformative impact of our academy is best reflected in the experiences of our members, who report not just enhanced personal peace and self-awareness but also a more empowered and ethically grounded approach to their spiritual practice.

I am so glad I found this group. I am learning all the time on my spiritual journey and I am learning with a friendly, supportive group of people. Chris is a great mentor and is very encouraging. There hasn't been a question yet that he couldn't answer and the website is full of excellent support material! We are all at different stages and do things in different ways but there is no right or wrong and I always feel supported. Chris also listens to what the tribe wants and needs and he is always there to support us. I am proud to be part of such a lovely group of people xx



Weekly 90min Online or In-person
Spiritual Development Circle

  • Each week you can attend one 90-minute Spiritual development circle

  • You get to choose on a month-by-month basis whether you attend online or in person.

  • Our circles are in a safe, interactive and group environment.


In-Person Circles

In-person circles are currently held in the following locations:-


Churchdown Community Centre, Churchdown.

Doors open at 19:20 for a prompt 19:30 start.


The Belle Vue Centre, Belle Vue Road, Cinderford.

Doors open at 19:05 for a prompt 19:15 start.


Online Morning Circle

Online circles are held every Thursday evening via Zoom at 19:30. Doors open at 19:20 for a prompt 19:30 start.

Online Evening Circle

Online circles are held every Thursday evening via Zoom at 19:30. Doors open at 19:20 for a prompt 19:30 start.

Please Note:

Our circles are dedicated spaces for growth and learning in psychic and mediumship development. To ensure a conducive and secure environment for all participants, we kindly remind everyone that it is not permissible to simply turn up on the evening of a session. It is essential that anyone interested in joining a circle book a video call with us before attending a circle. This preliminary step is part of our signing-up process, designed to provide you with all the necessary information and to ensure that our circles remain harmonious and beneficial for everyone involved. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the integrity of our community. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to connecting with you through the video call to guide you through the next steps.

You can find the 'TAoM - Becoming A Student Call' button at the bottom of this page to book your call. 


Weekly Spiritual Development Circles

Engage in a weekly 90-minute sessions that blend teaching, experiential learning, and community support, available both online and in-person to suit your lifestyle.

Rich Educational Portal

Gain unlimited access to a wealth of spiritual resources, including a comprehensive library of instructional videos, audios, and PDFs, alongside masterclasses and workbooks for ongoing enlightenment.

Guided Meditations for Every Need

A curated collection of meditations awaits, designed for relaxation, healing, protection, and spiritual connection, supporting your journey every step of the way.

Monthly Live Spiritual Readings

Experience the transformative power of live readings, providing insights and messages that guide and illuminate your path from other members of the academy.

Monthly Live Coaching & Goal Setting Session

Benefit from live on Zoom, interactive sessions offering personalised spiritual coaching, fostering a deeper understanding and connection to the spiritual realm. Whilst also setting your goals for the month ahead.

Bi-Annual Personalised Spiritual Development Video Call

Receive tailored feedback on your progress, celebrating your milestones and offering insights for continued development.

Professional Standards and Ethics

Be part of a community that is not just about personal growth but is also dedicated to uplifting the ethical and professional standards within the spiritual industry.

Dynamic Spiritual Community

Join our exclusive Facebook group, a hub for sharing, learning, and mutual support on this journey of spiritual and personal development.

Guest Speakers

From time to time, we invite guest speakers into the group to talk about specialist subjects within their specialised field.

10% Discount Off

Members are entitled to claim an extra 10% off any Workshops, Courses or Classes run by 'The Academy of Mediumship'


At the Academy of Mediumship, our priority is to cultivate a community that resonates with positive energy and harmony among all participants.

To achieve this, we invite potential students to schedule a call/interview. This session is a chance for you to get acquainted with what the Academy of Mediumship offers and determine if it aligns with your aspirations.

Should there be a mutual sense of alignment following our conversation, and you are accepted into the Academy, you will receive a congratulatory email. This email will include a link for you to officially enroll and join us in this enriching journey of spiritual discovery and development.

Our selection process is designed to ensure that our community is comprised of individuals who are truly passionate and dedicated to their spiritual growth.

If you're excited by the prospect of joining us and feel drawn to what we offer, please click the link 'TAoM - Becoming A Student Call' below andbegin your journey with the Academy of Mediumship.

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