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Join Me for a Free 3-Evening Online Journey into Psychic and Mediumistic Mastery

Embark with me on a transformative journey that promises to unlock our spiritual and psychic potential. Designed specifically for beginners, this workshop will guide us through the foundational skills needed to communicate with the spirit world, culminating in a guaranteed experience of direct spirit communication.

Meet Your Guide: Chris Stanley

My connection to the spiritual realm began far earlier than most might expect. Even before I could fully understand or remember, I experienced unexplainable phenomena from as young as two years old. Though many of these early encounters are beyond my conscious recall, they paved the way for a life deeply intertwined with the unseen.

The true turning point came at the age of fourteen when I woke up to find my grandad sitting at the bottom of my bed, despite him having passed away. This was not just an awakening but a profound confirmation of the spiritual world's reality. It was after this encounter that my spiritual development journey truly kickstarted. Today, my grandad remains a guiding presence as part of my spirit team, offering wisdom and insights from beyond.

With over 27 years of dedicated practice, significant psychic and mediumistic abilities, and multiple awards in our field, I've been blessed to help countless individuals awaken to their own spiritual potential. Through this workshop, I want to extend the same invitation to you to embark on this incredible journey of discovery, supported by a lineage of spiritual guidance.

Your Journey Through the Workshop

🌌 April 19th: Awakening Our Psychic Senses & Mastering Opening and Closing Techniques

We'll dive into psychic awareness, learning to ground, cleanse, and protect our energy. Mastering opening and closing techniques early is crucial, setting a safe foundation for our spiritual work. We'll also explore the world of auras and chakras, starting our transformation into spiritually attuned beings.

🔮 April 20th: Enhancing Our Psychic Toolkit

Deepen your intuitive skills with practical exercises, and discover how tools like tarot cards and crystals can amplify our abilities. This session will enrich our psychic senses, offering new perspectives and interactions with the world around us.

April 21st: Stepping Into Mediumship

Our journey culminates with an introduction to mediumship. I guarantee that we will communicate with the spirit world by the end of this evening. Learn the ethical framework and techniques for safe and respectful spirit communication, experiencing the profound process of receiving messages from beyond.

Workshop Schedule

Join us each evening at 7:00 PM BST on Zoom for a live, interactive experience. This platform allows us to connect and share in real-time, no matter where you are in the world. For our international participants, the corresponding times include:

  • 2:00 PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

  • 11:00 AM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

  • 7:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

To ensure a smooth experience, please ensure you have the Zoom app installed on your device prior to the workshop. A link to join the Zoom sessions will be provided upon registration.

Why This Workshop Is A Must Attend

  • Expertly Tailored for Beginners: Start your journey with no prior experience necessary.

  • Live, Interactive Sessions: Engage directly with me and fellow participants in a supportive environment.

  • Global Community Connection: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals from around the world.

  • Completely Free Access: This transformative experience is my gift to you, making spiritual education accessible to everyone.

My Promise To You

By the end of our workshop, not only will you have gained a solid foundation in psychic and mediumistic principles, but I guarantee that you will have experienced direct communication with the spirit world. This workshop goes beyond mere learning—it’s an awakening to the spiritual capabilities that lie dormant within us, with my spirit team and me guiding you every step of the way.

Are You Ready to Transform?

Space is limited to ensure a personalised and impactful experience. Register early to guarantee your place in this journey of spiritual awakening.

👇 Reserve Your Spot in This Life-Changing Workshop Now 👇

Questions or Inquiries?

Your path to spiritual enlightenment is just a click away. For any questions or additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email:


Let's embark on this extraordinary journey together, unlocking the mysteries of the unseen world.

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