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Welcome To...
The Academy of Mediumship (TAoM) 

We are excited that you have decided to join us, whether it is in person or online.

We kindly ask that you take some time to read our code of conduct and agree before continuing with your membership application and being an active member here at the Academy of Mediumship.

These guidelines are important for everyone's well-being and safety, so please ensure that these are adhered to at all times within any Academy of Mediumship sessions and when working on a Psychic or Mediumistic level, either in a professional or non-professional capacity outside of the Academy of Mediumship.

Agreeing to these rules and guidelines will help us to raise professionalism within this field, whilst also providing a safe space where everyone will feel welcomed, and ensuring it is an enjoyable environment for all learners, regardless of whether they are joining us in-person or online.

Thank you!

The Academy of Mediumship - CODE OF CONDUCT

Chris Stanley - The Spiritual Catalyst Coach has created this ‘Code of Conduct’ to help raise the standards within this industry. Following this code of conduct on your Spiritual journey will raise the awareness within you and help you to understand the responsibilities that come with doing this work. This ‘Code of Conduct’ will also encourage and help you to work to the highest standards, when working with the Spirit world, and during any readings or demonstrations that you are giving.  

When becoming a member of The Academy of Mediumship this ‘Code of Conduct’ must be agreed to, and strictly adhere to at all times for the duration of your membership. Failure to agree to and adhere to may/will result in your membership being revoked/breached.

  1. You must always state that this work is ‘For entertainment purposes only’. This is due to the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 which was repealed (26.5.2008) by The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

  2. Make your recipients aware they have their own free will and have personal responsibility for any decisions they make as a result of a sitting or communication.

  3. Explain to the sitter or audience what to expect before a private sitting or demonstration.

  4. Maintain appropriate insurance for your work.

  5. Always maintain the highest standards of competence and conduct.

  6. Work with integrity and honesty at all times.

  7. Work within applicable law at all times.

  8. Always seek to improve and develop your knowledge and abilities through training.

  9. Act in the best interests of your clients.

  10. Act in a manner which promotes and encourages Spiritualism and quality mediumship.

  11. Remember the responsibility that comes with mediumship and take full responsibility for your words and actions.

  12. Be mindful of the impact of your messages.

  13. Treat clients and members of the public with respect and courtesy.

  14. Respect others beliefs.

  15. Treat all information received during a demonstration or sitting as strictly confidential.

  16. Dress in a smart and appropriate manner.

  17. Never give a private reading to a child or young person under the age of 18, without parental consent or parent/guardian present.

  18. Never use any information that is obtained from a reading to your own advantage.

  19. Never claim to be able to contact a particular spirit.

  20. Never guarantee success or a specific outcome.

  21. Never use bad language.

  22. Never embarrass a sitter or the public or act in any way to cause offence.

  23. Never diagnose, prescribe any medication, alternative medicines, herbs etc.

  24. Never give specific predictions about the future, but recognise that we can only see future potentials.

  25. Never give messages which are negative or could cause harm.

  26. Never act in a manner which may be detrimental to other mediums, churches, organisations and Spiritualism as a whole.

  27. Never make false, misleading or unsubstantiated claims.

  28. Never discriminate against anyone on the grounds of race, politics, religion, creed, age, sexuality or disability.

  29. Never pretend to be in contact with the spirit world when you are not.

  30. Never give medical advice.

  31. Never give financial advice.

  32. Never give messages designed to take advantage of people.

Some other Never examples include:

Telling someone that they need to purchase specific products from you (e.g. books, items, medicines, classes or workshops).

Telling someone that they need to pay to receive healing or have a curse lifted.

Telling someone that they need to pay to prevent bad luck or something bad happening to them or their family.

Turn your back on the audience during a demonstration Leave the platform during a demonstration.

Predicting that someone is going to die or get ill.

Telling someone not to seek medical advice.

Telling someone to leave their partner.

Telling someone to leave their job.

Telling someone to move house.

Telling someone that their partner will leave them.

Telling someone that their partner is having an affair.

Telling someone that their child is being molested.

Telling someone they have a spirit attachment.


Spiritual Development Circle Etiquette (applies to in-person and online)

  • Be respectful at all times.

  • Be present at all times, even when you are watching/listening to others' work. Distractions are not helpful to the energy.

  • Please do not bring any negativity into any of the sessions.

  • What gets discussed in the sessions, must stay in the sessions.

  • Your camera must be switched on at all times if attending online sessions.

  • Please ensure that you are on mute when you are not speaking when attending online sessions.

  • No flashing lights on any online sessions.

  • Please arrive on time. Sessions start at 7.30 pm prompt. No admittance after this time.


Please note:- The Code of Conduct and Spiritual Development Etiquette may be amended at any time. It is important to refer to the code regularly, as changes will be made periodically in order to ensure that it reflects expectations on a spiritual development path for all involved members. Ultimately, these amendments are meant with the best intentions -- cultivating an environment that fosters both individual growth and community wellbeing for years into our collective future.

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