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How To Use Your Oracle / Angel Cards

How to use your Oracle cards and Angel Cards - 9 Simple and easy steps to follow
How to use your Oracle / Angel Cards - 9 Simple and easy steps to follow

As a professional #medium, #spiritualteacher & #spiritualmentor with over 20 years of experience, I believe that referring to an #oracle/#angelcard deck is one of the best ways to do an #intuitive reading and gain valuable guidance from the Higher Realms.

Oracle/Angel cards are just as effective as tarot cards. However, there are used slightly differently and what they focus on, but I will leave that for another post!

However, Oracle/Angel cards can provide you with guidance and clarity in your life, as well as help you to tap into your #intuition and find the answers that are already within you.

So here are some steps to help you do a card reading for yourself and others but to also tap into your own intuition.

1. Prepare yourself and your space

Before doing any readings for yourself or others it is really important to prepare yourself and your space. After all, you are working with energy and don’t want anything to influence or bring confusion to any readings. So, here are a few tips to help you prepare yourself and your space.

a) Before you start and after your readings, a grounding #meditation can be a very powerful way to help you get into the right space. Having a clear and open mind is one of the main ingredients.

b) This is the space where you are doing your readings. Make sure this space is free from any negativity, clear the clutter, place a sign up saying ‘do not disturb’, and sit somewhere you feel safe and comfortable.

c) You may want to cleanse, align and balance your energy centres (#Chakras).

2. Cleanse your deck.

There are several ways that you can do this. You can place your deck in the windowsill on a Full moon, you can use the smoke from sage or incense, or you can hold the deck in your hands and give them a quick sharp knock with your knuckles. Whichever process you decide to use the key is to visualise and set the intention of any unwanted energy leaving your deck.

Once you have cleansed your deck and provided no one else touches them you shouldn’t need to do this every time you do a reading. However, you will know when they need cleansing! They may begin to feel sticky or clog together when shuffling, or they may start to provide inaccurate readings.

Always treat your deck with respect.

3. Transfer your energy to the cards

Next, take a few nice deep breaths as you touch each card one by one, again visualising your energy transferring onto each card. The more you touch, hold, feel or play with your cards, the more they will work for you and with you.

4. Be clear about what you want guidance on

Being specific and clear on what guidance you want to receive will help you to ask the right question.

5. Ask and shuffle

As you ask your question, out loud or in your mind, shuffle your cards, transferring even more of your energy onto them. When you feel you need to stop shuffling, then stop.

6. Draw your card(s)

Next, draw your cards from wherever you feel drawn too. This might be from the top, bottom or middle. If you feel drawn to pick more than one, you might pick one from the middle and two from the top. Go with what feels right for you, trust your intuition.

7. Look at your chosen card(s)

This is probably the stage where you want to dive straight into the guidebook that came with your cards. But there is so much more information on the cards! When I teach my students I advise not doing this, as the messages or meanings in the guidebook won't be the same every time you choose that card(s). You will see something, feel something different from each card every time you draw them.

Instead, study the card(s) carefully, let your intuition guide you for a few minutes. What are your initial intuitive thoughts (those thoughts before your brain kicks in)? Make a note of…What do you feel drawn to on the card? What are you seeing? How are you feeling? If there are words on the card(s) which one jumps out at you?

Pay attention to any phrases, themes, or just those inner knowing about something.

Then, look deeper! Are there any symbolic meanings or messages? Symbolic messages can be extremely powerful and provide you with lots of information, and again that information can be different every time you pick that card or see that symbol.

Example:- If there is a ladder in the picture and you feel drawn to it, what would a ladder mean to you? For me, there are lots of different meanings depending on what I am feeling, seeing going on in the card, as well as connecting with my recipient. It could be looking at things from a different perspective, it could be to take smaller steps, it could be to reach a new height, it could be a time to soar!

8. Summarise your message

The last stage is to summarise the main message that you received from the cards. Feel free to meditate or journal about anything that came up for you, this will help you to gain even more clarity.

9. Don’t overread for yourself or others

If you are doing readings for yourself over and over (several a day) then the chances are you will become confused and overwhelmed. Maybe just draw yourself a daily guidance card or perhaps choose a day of the week to read for yourself. Find a routine that works for you and keep it consistent.

One thing to remember, there are no rules, there is no right way or wrong way to read Oracle/Angel cards, just go with the flow, go with what feels right for you and have fun using them.

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If you have any questions then please get in touch.

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