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Advanced Angel/Oracle Card Reading Course: Become a Professional Angel & Accredited Oracle Card Reader (ONLINE)

Become a Certified & Professional Angel & Oracle Card Reader (1920 x 1080 px) (YouTube Thu

Course Description:

Welcome to the ONLINE Accredited Advanced Angel/Oracle Card Reading Course, designed for those who have a basic understanding of angel and oracle cards and wish to take their skills to a professional level. In this course, you will delve deeper into the world of card reading, exploring various spreads, nuanced interpretations, and techniques that will enable you to confidently read for yourself and others. By the end of this workshop, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to become a professional card reader.


Course Outline:


Week 1: Review and Refine Your Connection

- Refining your connection with the angelic and spiritual realms

- Cleansing and consecrating your cards for professional readings

- Building a sacred space for your readings


Week 2: Advanced Card Spreads

- Exploring a variety of advanced spreads, including:

  - Celtic Cross

  - Tree of Life

  - The Shadow Work Spread

  - The Decision-Making Spread:

  - Chakra Spread

  - The Elemental Spread

  - The Wheel of the Year Spread

  - The Mandala Spread

  - Relationship Spread

- Choosing the right spread for specific questions or situations


Week 3: The Power of Symbols and Numerology

- Understanding the symbolism in angel and oracle cards

- Incorporating numerology into your readings

- Interpreting colours and imagery

- Connecting with the subconscious mind through symbols


Week 4: Past, Present, Future, and Potential

- Learning to read the past, present, and future using angel and oracle cards

- Identifying potential outcomes and choices

- Uncovering hidden influences in a person's life

- Practical exercises in past-present-future readings


Week 5: Reading for Others Professionally

- Setting up your professional reading space

- Ethics and responsibility when reading for clients

- Creating a code of conduct and pricing structure

- Marketing and building your client base


Week 6: Advanced Interpretation Techniques

- Going beyond basic card meanings

- Trusting your intuition and psychic abilities

- Empathic readings and connecting with your client's emotions

- Combining multiple decks and oracles for comprehensive readings


Week 7: Overcoming Challenges

- Handling difficult readings and sensitive subjects

- Dealing with skeptical or challenging clients

- Self-care and energy protection for professional readers


Week 8: Final Projects and Certification

- Conduct a full 30 min professional online card reading for a volunteer client

- Conduct a full professional written card reading for a volunteer client

- Prepare a comprehensive feedback report on your reading sessions

- Receive feedback and guidance from the instructor

Course Dates/Times:

Monday 4th March 2024  7-9pm

Monday 11th March 2024  7-9pm

Monday 18th March 2024  7-9pm

Monday 25th March 2024  7-9pm

Monday 8th April 2024  7-9pm

Monday 15th April 2024  7-9pm

Monday 22nd April 2024  7-9pm

Monday 29th April 2024  7-9pm

Course held: Online via Zoom


Course Duration:

This workshop is designed to be completed over 9 weeks, with each module consisting of one live online group Zoom call per week. Each call will last for 1-2hours depending on topic. Tasks will be set for the week ahead and students will also be sent various PDF’s throughout the course via email.



Upon successful completion of the course and a satisfactory final project, students will receive an Advanced Angel/Oracle Card Reading Workshop Certificate, qualifying them to offer professional card readings.



This workshop is intended for individuals who have already completed a beginner-level angel or oracle card reading course or have equivalent knowledge in the field. Students should have their own deck of angel or oracle cards.



The course will be led by an experienced angel and oracle card reader, who has a successful professional practice.



These classes WILL NOT be recorded. The online courses offered by The Spiritual Catalyst Coach are distinguished by their high level of interactivity. Participants are actively encouraged to engage in discussions and share their thoughts with both the instructor and the group. Many of these exchanges are of a personal nature, and some individuals may have reservations about recording them.

The total investment for the course is £249. A deposit of £49 is required to book and will secure your space. If you wish to book in FULL, then please book with a £50 deposit and then message me. I will then send you an invoice to pay the remaining. 


Instalments options available. Please book with a £49 deposit, then message me for an instalment plan.

With either option, the remaining balance must be paid by March 3rd, 2024.

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